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Another Building # 3: KASITA

So I have been having two blogs to keep up with and am not doing a great job. So please check out ANOTHER BUILDING for more up to date news. Follow my facebook page (gabrichrista) and LIKE another Building on Facebook!
Check out the trailer for the new film KASITA

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2013 Here we Come

A happy belated New year. Hope end of January still counts! We are ready for a great year. Here finally a quick update on FAREWELL MY PARADISE. The good news is that we have raised one third of our total Farewell Budget. So we are on our way. Catch is that we have to match it to actually get it, so stay tuned for more on our new fundraising strategy, including a crowd funding campaign. JOIN our facebook page

We also have our lead Chaya Montsanto danced, played by Faizah Grootens. We will dedicated another special post to her. She is absolutely gorgeous, a beautiful performer and human being.

The other good news is that Brian O’Caroll DP for Farewell just came back from Sundance with his movie Blue Caprice. Congrats Brian! He is both producer and DP of the film. Stay tuned for another film Brian and Gabri Christa will be working on. She will be the choreographer this time. Dee Allen will direct.

Last but not least we want to give a public shout out to all folks who have helped us so far, by either donating money or donating their time, advising, or by just being super supportive. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to just a few amazing supporters: Linda Goldstein, Rabbi Haim Beliak, Rabbi Sussman and Bonita Sussman, Janera Soerel, Monica Graham, Marion Dienstag, Doreen Hemlock, Gyselle Petronia, Jacob Steinberg, Vernon Reid, Janine Dijkmeijer, Martine Dekker, Digna Sinke, Curtis Hawkins, Donald Blijleve, Warrington Hudlin, Roger Cramer, Marlaine Glicksman…..

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