Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health

Dance Section

I am deeply humbled to have been named an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health. This year long Fellowship from the Global Brain Health Institute starts in September 2018.  “The Atlantic Fellows program at GBHI provides innovative training in brain health, leadership, and dementia prevention to a broad array of promising leaders from various professions, including medicine, science, business, law, journalism, social science, and the arts. Through their work, Fellows are expected to emphasize local and global health inequities that need to be addressed by practitioners and policymakers, with the goal of transforming local communities around the world.”

I will be a non residential Fellow and have chosen  the University of California, San Francisco as my home site, (other site is Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). No worries I will be there as an artist and specifically to continue creating understanding (for our shared humanity) through the Arts. I will continue the piece Magdalena the piece, make more films, (One to be filmed this Spring)  and hold space for others dealing with dementia in their inner – circle and to a more informed conversation and to create awareness around Dementia. Yes, the topics and themes might deal a lot with aging in the coming years,and brain health, be ready.


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