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Leo Floridas ONE DAY AT A TIME

Leo Floridas ONE DAY AT A TIME

Please come and celebrate the US premiere of the Documentary about my yoga master, Leo Floridas, made by Hester Jonkhout and myself. The film, ONE DAY AT A TIME,  will open at the Harlem International Film Festival on September 18 at 4.30PM at MIST 46 West 116street. Come out and let’s hang afterwards! HIFF  is one of my favorite small Festivals and MIST has wonderful black box theaters and best of all,  a place where we can hang afterwards, with great food and drinks.
I really hope I can share this film with you, and let you experience a man who has had such a profound impact on my life.

With love and gratitude,

HIFF at MIST: 46 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10026

Nearest Subway: 2 or 3 train to 116th st.

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