Universal Love (single) by Kwame Binea
Music Video: director; Gabri Christa
"Universal Love" written by Jimmy Cliff (produced by Vernon Reid)

Living Colour founder and producer of 'Universal Love', Vernon Reid on working with Kwame:

" From the very first moment that I heard Universal Love by the reggae legend Jimmy Cliff from his album Give Thanks, I've been entranced with the song's message, and it's powerful melody. Unconsciously I've been looking for a way to realize a new version of this wonderful song. When I met Kwame Binea, heard his voice, & saw him perform, I knew that if Kwame could connect to the song that we could create a version relevant to the turbulent times we find ourselves in. Kwame connected to Universal Love immediately, with no need for me to explain a thing. Kwame brings a fresh perspective & a renewed sense of hope to a seldom heard classic."

Kwame Binea has a charismatic, soulful, & romantic vocal approach to Pop suffused with Rock energy. Kwame, though not a political message artist per se, does not shy away from questioning modern issues has a very "lived it" perceptive insight into the foibles of the Human Condition particularly when it comes to the mysteries of Love.