KASITA (small house) is the third installment in the Another Building Series. This narrative short is in the local language of Papiamentu with English subtitles and features the slaven hutjes (slave huts) of Bonaire, (no bigger then dog houses) where once the slaves who worked in the salt winning would rest. Featuring local music company Tutti Frutti and dance group Grupo Kayena, this third installment re-unites Director of Photography Dolph van Stapele and Creator/Director Gabri Christa.

When a young girl Luna, can’t keep the dog she rescued, she knows just what to do, together with her cousin Sol,she sets off to house him in the emptyslaven hutjes (slave huts), but things don’t go as planned.

Kasita: Making of  Video

Well the crew made this, or better Tim Wagenaar, our gaffer, recorder most of this on his go-pro and the edit was done by Skip Rink

The film is a co-production of Dance Sensation Foundation and Danza Isa. You can also view the film on KWELI TV here.

KASITA \ 21:55 min \ Bonaire Caribbean


Winner - Best Short , Harlem International Film Festival Jury Selection, Costa Rica International Film Festival, Cinedans Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival, Diaspora Festival of Black and Independent Film, Black Harvest Film Festiva,l Joshua Tree International Film Festival Langston Hughes African American Film Festival, Segal Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, International Black Women’s Film Festival, World Kids International Film Festival.