This was a performance of Conducted Improvisation, at United Nations Nations for the Remembrance of Slavery Day.

Music used was from Curaçao; Tambu with Mistika and Lelele.

Conductor: Nathan Trice
Performers: Niles Ford, Paloma Mc.Gregor, Lisa Green, Germaul Barnes, Francesca Harper, Gabri Christa, Baraka de Soleil.

All photos by Kevin Yaratola

Burnt Sugar/Danz Conduction

QUESTION: Why can't choreographers come together and create spontaneous new ensemble work the way musicians do? Burnt Sugar/DANZ answers to the contrary: Yes they can'. Gabri Christa and Greg Tate started Dance Conduction Continuum (later Burnt Sugar/Dan) in 2002 after Christa was exposed to the music of Tate's Burnt Sugar Arkestra--a multi- genre ensemble greatly inspired by Butch Morris CONDUCTION system for improvising orchestras. Their recombinant project, Burnt Sugar/Danz, draws upon the cream of NY music, choreographic and dance-performance talent to create innovative, never-before- seen works, live, and in real time. Adopting Morris’ baton gestures and hand-sign vocabulary to dance, Burnt Sugar/ Danz presents an alchemical blend of spontaneously composed music and choreography. The results are consistently exciting for both participants and audience.

In the thirteen years since the first dance conduction performance, two member choreographers Nathan Trice and Alysia Ramos have contributed to development of gestures. Dance conduction grows with each performance. Other regular performers/ members Germaul Barnes, Niles Ford, Kyle Abraham, Francesca Harper. 

The project has performed @The United Nations, Central Park Summer Stage, Barishnikov Arts Center, Symphony Space, Lincoln Center out of Doors, and Alvin Ailey Theater. Directed by Greg Tate with Film maker and Choreographer Guggenheim Fellow Gabri Christa, Performed and conducted by a rotating group of choreographers.

Review available here.